Lessons and Rates

Private lessons are important for young violinists to develop their skill. The length of lessons is typically divided for the needs of their level. Listed below are my rates for specific lesson increments:

Half Hour (30 Minutes) Lesson – $40.00

Ideal for beginning students. We will cover the basics of violin and the basics in music (rhythm and reading notation).

Forty-Five (45 Minutes) Lesson – $60.00

Ideal for intermediate students. We will cover different positions of the violin (3rd, 5th, 2nd and 4th positions), advanced techniques with the bow and introduce double stops. Some standard repertoire will be introduced.

One Hour (60 Minutes) Lesson – $80.00

Ideal for advanced students. We will cover higher positions of the violin (6th position and above), standard etudes and advanced repertoire will be introduced. Musicianship will also be discussed throughout lessons as students develop and look to advance further in their musical careers.

If you have any questions pertaining to lessons, feel free to contact me!